Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Enterprises are increasingly looking to create value through high quality business expertise and superior productivity. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) can help them on this front by improving the time-to-market, give access to special skills and enhance organizational effectiveness.

OUR KPO services include:

  1. Technical Publications:

In today's highly competitive information technology industry, it has become imperative for companies to lower the time-to-market of a product to ensure its success. A broad range of technical publications like user guides, service manuals, configuration guides and so on, are required to ensure that products perform accurately, safely and dependably. Managing technical content is increasingly becoming a challenge for many organizations. This technical documentation needs understanding of product, understanding of relevant technology as well as understanding of targeted reader (like user, buyer, partner etc.)

  1. Value through collaboration:

OUR technical publications solutions brings together our expertise in technologies and products for vertical markets, deep-rooted user group orientation and technical documentation methodologies to support all your documentation needs through the product lifecycle.

We offer the benefits of seamless execution, scalability, continuous improvement, innovation and flexible business models.

  1. Sales & Marketing Operations (SMO):

With our unique Bureau Services Model, we deliver seamless, well integrated marketing services deployments that provide customized services & processes to meet specific requirements of customer organizations. Our services portfolio comprises of

  • Contact Data Management
  • Intelligence
  • Content & Creative
  • Campaign
  • Analytics
  1. Data Management & Reporting (DM&R):

Our service offerings help in Product Data Accuracy and faster Time to Market for our clients.