Welcome Clarification on Job Work

Welcome Clarification on Job Work

Clarification on issues related to Job Work

The Central Government vide Circular No.38/12/2018 – Central Tax dated 26th March, 2018 has clarified various issues related to Job work which are as follows:

The registered principal may, without payment of tax, send inputs or capital goods to a job worker for job work and on completion of the job work, the principal shall either bring back the goods to his place of business or supply (including export) the same directly from the place of business/premises of the job worker within 1 year in case of inputs or within 3 years in case of capital goods (except moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures or tools).
Sending goods for job work is not a supply as such, but it acquires the character of supply only when the inputs/capital goods sent for job work are neither received back by the principal nor supplied further by the principal from the place of business / premises of the job worker within 1/3 years of being sent out.

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